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Solar Eclipse 2017 in Uptown Sedona at RC Gorman Gallery


Dawn Walker, Gallery Manager

Today we witnessed the August 21, 2017 eclipse from the beautiful RC Gorman Gallery in uptown Sedona. A spectacular thanks to Dawn Walker, manager of the gallery, for hosting our event. It was a totally enjoyable experience meeting all those folks who attended, many of whom were from out-of-town. I appreciate also the work of Ron and Tanya who broadcast the event live on Facebook. "DJ" and "Tyler from Canada--below is the picture I promised you. I hope some of you were able to snag a few cell phone pics yourselves. I spoke to a family whose daughter will be going to NAU this fall--congratulations. Best to all ! Red Rocks and clear skies also helped to make a perfect day.

Doug---Astronomer at Large....


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