Sedona Shots

by K.D. Borcoman (2012-2019) Check back for hiking shots, some astronomy, and more.....Webcam View--off and on-check occasionally-


Westfork Hike Overview 



Broken Arrow


Stargazing at the beautiful Mago Retreat (May 2015)



Sedona Mago Taoist Retreat (Fall 2013)



Hike to Devil's Bridge, Sedona August 2013



Wine Tasting/Hiking in Sedona with Brandon B, July 2013



Honanki Indian Ruins- Sedona, Az April 2013



Sedona Rainbows on St. Patrick's Day 2013


Schnebly Trail-to Cowpie Mar 2013



Sedona in the Snow Feb 2013



Snowdona 2012



Sedona Autumn Nov 2012



Little Horse Trail to Chicken Point Aug 2012



Baldwin Trail July 2012



Bell Trail-Weir Trail July 20 Birthday Trek



Bell Rock July 2012



Uptown Sedona-Oak Creek 6/18/2012



Sugarloaf Trail (3/11/2012)



Lunar Observations (3/4/2012 updated 7/2020

Philosophical Quest

Environmental Ethics