A spiritual Journey to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico



La' Ryl to the Rescue






La' Ryl has travelled the world and has visited many exotic and sacred places. It is fortunate for the exceptionally beautiful and spiritual town of Sedona that she eventually decided to settle in Red Rock Country, Arizona, thus establishing a perfect partnership between the two. With profound insight and wisdom gained through her many experiences, including working in the corporate world as well as many years spent in attending numerous spiritual conferences and training opportunities specializing in Asian and Eastern arts, La' Ryl offers a penetrating vision of what ails us most: the fact of being cut-off from our true being. A skilful practicioner of Qigong ('life energy"), she has mastered the art of self-discipline with a profound sense of serenity and quietude. She seeks to share her wisdom and vision with you and to welcome you to experience ever-expanding, radiant, loving consciousness and to join in the Soul-enriching cosmic dance!


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