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New! Announcing: A Weekly Live Blackboard HelpDesk-continues!

It's time to continue to think about how you will plan to use Blackboard for the fall. Today, Tuesday, Aug 31, at 12 noon we will host a live staff/faculty helpdesk to provide assistance with your Blackboard needs. If you have a question, just log onto the meeting (see link) and we will try to help. Simply click the following link at the appointed time, follow the instructions below, and type in your questions! You can join from home, your office, the coffee shop, or anywhere that you can access the Internet.

New Meeting Link:

Blackboard Help Desk Live 6

Today, we will provide a sneak preview of Camtasia Relay and cover a few other odds and ends, such as Online Course Readiness!

Starts: Aug 31, 2010, [Tue] 12:00 PM Pacific (PDT, North America/US)
Ends: Aug 31, 2010, [Tue] 01:15 PM Pacific (PDT, North America/US)
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We will publish subsequent meeting links on the ITC Website a few days prior to each event.

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NOTE: If you need special hands-on encounters with some of our technology, please schedule a meeting by calling us at Ext 2391. Please indicate the best day and time. Of course, you can always schedule an online virtual appointment so that you can learn more from your home or office. You simply need an Internet connection (phone is optional). Contact or e-mail Doug Borcoman at ext 2391 for details and to suggest subjects of interest that we can cover in workshops in the near future.


Accessible Technology Initiative -New Equipment!

The ATI initiative, as mandated by the CSU Chancellor, requires that all learning materials be made accessible. Instructional Media staff have been preparing ATI rooms for easy faculty access on the first floor of the Library. These rooms are equipped with computers, Internet access, scanners, and relevant software to facilitate the creation of accessible Word, PDF, and multimedia files. We will be happy to provide an orientation to all staff and faculty interested in using the ATI rooms or in learning about programs used to generate accessible documents, such as Adobe Professional and Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. In addition, here is the link to a recent ElluminateLive! presentation on how to make documents accessible featuring Mr. Reza Boroon.

Affordable Learning Initiative

Check out the Affordable Learning Initiative publication entitled: Turn the Page (pdf). You'll gain some perspective on how to help students acquire textbooks and other learning materials at reduced cost. Academic Technology at CSUDH has been steadily working to provide resources to faculty and to encourage exploration of inexpensive textbooks and digital learning packages.

Augmenting Your Online/Blackboard Course

If you would like some assistance with uploading materials, course design, generating lectures, using streaming multimedia, or using You Tube or podcasting, please contact us about such training needs and we will set up an appointment. Call Doug Borcoman at (310) 243-2391.

Future Workshops

Be sure to check the ITC Website for a schedule of training workshops to begin in August covering topics such as: the use of Blackboard-content and tools, making multimedia presentations, embedding video clips in PowerPoint, making a simple podcast, searching for affordable learning materials and objects, and more.

Innovative Ideas

Please take a look at some of the ideas about how to use various technologies at the Faculty Showcase link. You can learn how to do these things, too.

Archived Materials

Past sessions and archived meetings, as well as other information pertaining to online course development and delivery, may be found on the Instructional Technology Center website. One quick refresher is entitled Setting Up Your Blackboard Course

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