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Happy New Year!

from the new Instructional Technology Central

Greetings! Starting next week, from Tuesday, January 19th through Friday, January 22, we are offering some informal training sessions in setting up your online/hybrid course. We are planning to cover the following topics to help get you going for the spring semester!:

12-2 pm
12-2 pm
12-2 pm
12-2 pm
Basic Blackboard

Designing navigation, uploading documents, creating the gradebook, using the assignment dropbox

Making a banner, recording a presentation
Creating a Virtual Office Hour--online presentation design
Bring your materials and we'll help you put up your course

If you need special hands-on encounters with some of our technology, please schedule a meeting by calling Instructional Technology Central at Ext 3480. Please indicate the best day and time. Of course, you can always schedule an online virtual appointment so that you can learn more from your home or office. You simply need an Internet connection (phone is optional). Contact or e-mail Doug Borcoman at ext 2391 for details and to suggest other subjects of interest that we can cover in the future.

Augmenting Your Online/Blackboard Course

If you would like some assistance with uploading materials, course design, generating lectures, using streaming multimedia, or using You Tube or podcasting, please contact us about such training needs and we will set up an appointment. Call ITC at (310) 243-3480.

Blackboard Tutorials

Innovative Ideas

Please take a look at some of the ideas about how to use various technologies at the Faculty Showcase link. You can learn how to do these things, too.

Archived Materials

Past sessions and archived meetings, as well as other information pertaining to online course development and delivery, may be found on the Instructional Technology Central website.