Summer 2009

Attention Online Instructors Using Blackboard!

Elluminate Live! is now a permanent Building Block in Blackboard. Elluminate Live! is an online conferencing solution allowing "many-to-many," multimedia collaboration in real time and is accessible on demand through your Blackboard courses. With this application, you can truly reach out to your students by scheduling real-time lectures, virtual office hours, or arranging an "appearance" by a guest speaker. We have scheduled some hands-on workshops on how to use Elluminate in the Center for Teaching and Learning for the following dates and times:

July 7 10-12 2-4
July 14 10-12 2-4
July 15 10-12 2-4

You can also schedule a one-on-one workshop by calling Kathy Andrews at Ext 3480. Please indicate the best day and time. Of course, you can always schedule an online appointment so that you can learn more about Elluminate from your home or office. You simply need an Internet connection (phone is optional). Contact or e-mail Doug Borcoman at ext 2105 for details. For more information about Elluminate, please go the the main web site:

Assistive Technology Initiative

We have been working diligently to comply with the ATI mandate (see CSU ATI Website) and have come up with some reasonably effective solutions for captioning and voice recognition. In order to demonstrate how to use Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software in conjunction with Camtasia (a presentation-generation application), we have scheduled the following days and times in order to provide some preliminary training:

July 8 10-12
July 15 10-12
Aug 5 10-12

In addition, Instructional Media staff have been preparing ATI rooms for easy faculty access on the first floor of the Library. These rooms will soon be equipped with computers, Internet access, scanners, and relevant software to facilitate the creation of accessible Word, PDF, and multimedia files. We will be happy to provide an orientation to all staff and faculty interested in using the ATI rooms or in learning about programs used to generate accessible documents, such as Adobe Professional and Adobe Dreamweaver CS3.

Building Your Online Course For Fall

If you would like some assistance with uploading materials, course design, generating lectures, using streaming multimedia, or using You Tube or podcasting, please contact us about such training needs and we will set up an appointment. Call Kathy Andrews at (310) 243-3480. It is possible also, as mentioned previously, to conduct a virtual training session suitable to your needs on any of these topics.

Innovative Ideas

Several instructors this summer have embraced web-based and hybrid course formats to enhance course delivery. Using such things as streaming video lectures, mp3 music files, WIKI's, virtual interviews, and online virtual conferencing, these instructors have begun to push the envelop in undertaking to utilize technology in order to create effective learning spaces. Next month, we will feature some informative and insightful virtual meetings presented by the faculty members who are making these things happen.

Archived Materials

Please check some of the archived meetings and other information pertaining to online course development and delivery currently on the Center for Teaching and Learning Web site.