A Tribute to Neil Armstrong

Aug. 5, 1930--Aug. 25, 2012

Approximately one year after his death, it seems fitting to add a link artfully debunking the Lunar Landing Conspiracists (added 8/31/2013) It is the respectful thing to do...





Footprints—on the Moon
And In my mind--ineradicable
Imagination beyond any Earthdream
He launches into unfettered deep
A Hero…
He goes, indeed,
Where no man…
Where no one..
Had ever strolled
Had ever been
The only EarthMan in the Universe
To touch the face of Luna
To kiss her cheek for all
of us
Gently bouncing on a white-grey playground
Looking back on greeny-blue
all the while
Skipping boundless
Unalterable mark
On the windless, eternal dune
Almost feckless he pays no heed to gravity-he is
Never to be forgotten
In any phase of the Monthly Moon his shadow still
defies your eyes.
Now rest, Neil Armstrong…


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